Kontiki 2000 - the Spectacle

All the pictures on this page courtesy of Stuart Thomson of 1st Bergvliet.

The rafts come ashore - Click on picture to enlargeThe Guides getting ready for the tender race - Click to enlargeThe start of the tender race - click to enlarge
The tender race starts - click to enlargeDetermination - click to enlarge
Heading for the finish - click to enlargeThe fish are big in Sandvlei - click to enlargeShowing off the fish - click to enlarge
Kneeboard Relay excitement - click to enlargeKneeboard change - click to enlargeA paddle for the finish - click to enlarge
Dive for the change over - Ouch - click to enlargeThe kneeboard relays - click to enlarge
Beaver Rose and the Mayor of SPM, Alderman Jacobs - click to enlargeAlderman Jacobs shares a moment with 1st Merrydale Scouts - click to enlargeThe Opening Parade - click to enlarge
Closing Parade - click to enlargeWalk like an Egyptian - click to enlargeOpening Parade - click to enlarge
Serious at the opening parade - click to enlargeThe Pharaoh arrives in style - what else!  Click to enlarge
The rafts get pulled to shore by the spectactors - Click to enlarge1st Monte Vista Scouts raft - Click to enlarge
1st Brackenfell Raft - click to enlarge1st Bergvliet's taxi - er - raft.  Click to enlarge
True African style - click to enlarge1st Muizenberg's Internet Shebeen - click to enlargeBeautiful site of the rafts on Sandvlei - click to enlarge
1st Durbanville's Palace - click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlarge
Click to enlargeClick to enlarge
Click to enlargeClick to enlargeThe senior cross-country run.   Click to enlarge
Senior Cross Country winner heads for the finish - Click to enlargeStart of Junior Cross-country - click to enlarge
Where's the finish?   Click to enlargeName, rank and serial number please.   Click to enlargeJudging STAs at the Naval Cadet Base - Click to enlarge
STA judging, Stuart Thomson.    Click to enlargeDave Higgs and Dave Croeser judging STAs - Click to enlargeThe relief map of Africa with landmarks - Click to enlarge
How the San saw the building of a Kontiki raft - Click to enlargeKontiki raft building - caveman style.   Click to enlarge
Judge Charles Prince - Click to enlargeTeam in traditional dress - click to enlargeTeam of .... of ..... nevermind - just click to enlarge
One of our Girl Guide/Ranger Guide teamsTug-O-War slip and slide - Click to enlarge.Volleyball - popular fringe activity.   Click to enlarge


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