The Kontiki Fringe started in 1993 when the organisers saw a clear need to provide the land support crews with some activity while their fellow Scouts and Guides had the excitement of the raft events.   

The Fringe has grown into one of the most exciting aspects of the Kontiki weekend, providing Scouts, Guides, family and friends with a lot of excitement as the land crews compete for the Andrew "Dolphin" Lawson Trophy for the team that scores the most overall fringe points.


The Tug-O-War event is a quick knockout event with the winner being decided out of the best of three pulls.   To add a difficulty factor and make it a bit more fair for the smaller teams, the event is held on a soapy slippery vinyl mat.   Team members are not allowed to let their feet stray off the mat or they get disqualified for that pull.


The volleyball event is an exciting knockout event held on the main parade ground at the Base.   It is always well supported by spectators and the highlight starts with the quarter-finals on Sunday morning.

Kneeboard Relay

The kneeboard relay has become so popular that the Base has purchased it's own lifesaving Malibu boards, which also get used during the Lifesaving course.    The event is held in front of the raft mooring sites in "Kontiki Bay".    Teams of 4 compete in a relay knockout event around demarcated buoys in the bay.   It is fast and exciting and the teams are improving in their kneeboarding skills each year.


The Cross-Country race on Sunday morning has become very popular with over a hundred competitors taking part in a race from the Base to the foot bridge in Muizenberg and back.   The race has been divided into categories:  Junior and Senior girls, Junior and Senior boys.  The Junior race is approximately 5km long and the senior race is approximately 8km.   Juniors are boys and girls who have not yet turned 14 and Seniors are those 14 and over.


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